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28 Feb

Family Involvement:

At Little Lambs Preschool, we provide many opportunities both during school hours and in the evening to come and share special times together.  It has been our vision and goal to be a real community and not just a school.  We also have an open-door policy where we welcome your thoughts and ideas to enhance our program.  In working with you, we’re able to provide the best possible preschool experience for your child.

During classtime, there are times to share a craft or talent with the children, share a special story or help during work time and gross motor time.  We also have several parties and other special events throughout the year where we encourage participation from the families.

Opportunities are available to form relationships with other families through coffee times during school hours and during monthly family nights.  Family nights are a fun and free way to connect not only with your child but other preschool families and staff members.  We do all kinds of great things together!  In addition, we have a Christmas program and graduation-to-Kindergarten ceremony where extended family are welcome to attend as well.

In addition, our preschool feels it is important to help our children foster a love for one another and develop a servant’s heart.  In the fall, we have the opportunity to participate in Operation Christmas Child which is a worldwide ministry that delivers donated shoe boxes filled with gifts to underpriveleged children all over the world.  We also have on-site access to a collection shed for Community Aid, which accepts clothing, shoes, and household items to be resold at low cost to help families that are struggling financially.  Lastly, we use recycling efforts in our school to show our children what it is to be responsible for the beautiful planet God has given us.

Family Communication:

At Little Lambs Preschool, we want to keep your family as up-to-date as possible with what’s happening at the school.  We’re blessed to be able to do this in many ways, including updates to our website, Facebook and Instagram pages, Class Dojo App, monthly newsletters, weekly email updates, and our parent board located in the lobby.  Each one of our teachers as well as our director and office managers has their own email address so that you can easily ask questions as soon as you think of them.  When classes begin, each family receives a school handbook which is a wonderful reference tool and lists all of our policies as well as the calendar for the entire school year.  We encourage you to stop by our office at any time with questions, concerns, praises or prayer requests.

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